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e-zine 'Success-The Small Steps' 11th Oct. 2002
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Born To Win Forum Newsletter
11th October, 2002 

borntowinforum Newsletter
  Success-The Small Steps October 2002  

In this issue

" We can do anything we want as long as we stick to it long enough"


This article is brought to you by 'Born To Win Forum' an organisation which is determined to create success for each individual through bringing resources from successful people across the world in a easy to understand format

Success is the most sought after commodity in this complex millenium. We all want success in everything we do but it is the most misunderstood word in the dictionary. This is entirely due to a phenomenal amount of literature available which instead of simplifying the process makes it difficult to be understood with all the new theories being spawned day in day out. Here we will try to simplify the process and bring it within the reach of simple people like you and me.

  • " We can do anything we want as long as we stick to it long enough"
  •    What a profound statement by Helen Kellar on how to succeed !

    We start many activities in a moment of enthusiasm- after we hear a good lecture, on reading a motivating article. We start with determination on the fitness programme we always wanted to start, sign up for a weight lose programme,buy that book we had been planning to read, start on a meditation practice, get started with a part time business with dreams of making it big-the list is endless. At the moment of decision the intention is very strong. Then we start encountering the minor problems in its implementation. The alarm clock doen't ring. Losing weight requires the desciplines of dieting and excersing. The will to continue starts to diminish. We are too busy to read that book and no body wants our services in the part time business. The first refusal, the first failure weakens our resolve. The demons of indecision dogs us in every step. And all our determination slowly gives way to doubts about ability to carry through the process. Each one of us is guilty of letting our good resolutions die through our lack of determined follow through long enough to create a pattern of habit formation and consequently a success. Research on habit formations conclude that any activity undertaken for 21 days becomes a habit. So set your goals for that fitness programme, reading, teaching your kids, or cutting down on all that fast foods for just 21 days. Take one task at a time. Do not attempt too many things too soon. YOU WILL FIND YOU HAVE DONE IT THIS TIME!

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