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what people are saying



good for indians achieve our goals in short period

a.g. santhanangopalkrishnan .

excellent.  one has to attend atleast once in their lifetime

p. narsimhan

A good beginning to learn a lot more from mr. srinivasan.  Looking forward to participate in future programs and have a lasting relationship with born to win.

Sashi shankar. g 

ttoo good.  it helped me to know myself

subramanian. m

This program was really fantastic which enriches our positive thinking avoids our negative beliefs.  this type of workshop is very useful and informative for all the people especially for student community.

j. lakshmi narayan


this program had really made how to achieve the goal and how to be a success in our life

rajesh kumar

it is a nice program. it makes me happy also

 A. mohamed Ilias.

1.  very nice.  very interesting

2.  productive

3.  spirits have elevated

4.  life is so wonderful

5.  it enhanced the power of my goals and dreams

t.c. chandraprakash  

very useful and thought provoking

m.p. ananthapadmanabhan.