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Towards A New Model Of Developmen - 1
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Towards A New Model Of Development
  Towards A New Model Of Development

                                                           R.G. Srinivasan





"...heading for an unsustainable model of development that can no longer assure humanity of equity, peace and prosperity."


The failure of the materialistic models of development is the raging topic from the United Nations to the portals of academia. In a series of articles we would try to build a perspective on one of the burning issues of modern times. The subject is important and close to our hearts as the success of every individual constitutes the success of the society, the nation and the world.

While putting forth our own ideas we would like an active participation from our readers so as to create a debate which would certainly enable a vision for all of us to work towards achieving.

As the new millennium unfolds, it is no longer possible to believe that the current approaches to social and economic development based on materialistic conceptions of life are viable and capable of meeting humanity's needs. Consider these compelling proof of the way the world is headed:

*More than one billion people around the world live in absolute poverty.

*30% of the global workforce is either jobless or underemployed.

*Social disintegration through factors such as racism, ethnic and religious intolerance. Rising violence because of these factors has become a global problem.

*The tragedy of 9/11 has brought to the fore that these problems can no longer be confined to national borders and requires global solutions.

Everywhere we look, whether it is the family unit, national scenario or global perspectives it is evident that we are slowly but inexorably heading for an unsustainable model of development that can no longer assure humanity of equity, peace and prosperity. The materialistic models of development has only generated the 'have' and 'have not', the 'developed' and the 'developing' societies with ever widening divide between high living standards of a small and diminishing minority of the world's inhabitants from the poverty experienced by the vast majority. No wonder this massive divide has led to the economic collapse everywhere from Japan to Mexico.

All these by no means suggest we are headed for doomsday. They are a feedback to the world at large of failure of the current models of development. These signs are an indicator of the need for a unified world economic and social order where the materialistic mores are replaced with a simpler model of smaller self sustainable communities of diverse people living an equitable physical and spiritually balanced harmonious life.

THE NEXT article highlights the conditions under which  a new model can emerge