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Holistic Path To Weight Loss And Fitness - 2

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  The Holistic Path To Weight loss & Fitness

Here we are again with yet another issue of interesting facts on improving your life.  The modern lifestyles have created an imbalance in our lifestyles wherein we have forgotten the very purpose of living - living and working for happiness and joy.  By the time we realize this after attaining the material success it is too late and we live in pain and misery. In the Second part of Holistic Path To Weight loss & Fitness we are describing the ayurvedic principles of health outlined by ancient sages.







Within each one of us resides the divine healer.  All healings come from within and not outside.  Once the healer within is set in motion the healing takes effect.


Like all physical problems Obesity and Fitness must be addressed within.  The true realization of obesity being part of our Karma or actions sets in motion the counter measures - that is corrective actions.

Obesity is primarily a digestive disorder brought about by too many wrong food habits including overeating, eating too much heavy or 'cold meals', too frequent meals, too much sleep and lack of exercise & physical activity.


Emotional reasons include attachment and clinging, lack of self esteem and sometimes extra weight acting as a protection for weaknesses.

According to ayurvedic principles, generally in cases of obesity the digestive fire is weak with low or slow metabolism.  To improve the digestive system all meals must be freshly cooked, hot and using spices.  The meals must be taken at fixed times.  Cold meals must be avoided. Though we do not live to eat, eating must still be a ceremony, a celebration.  They must be taken at fixed times, prepared with care, taken with love and enjoyment so that one is fully satiated.  The need for snacking is often because of dissatisfaction with meals.  Cut out on salt, sugar, dairy products, sweets, cold drinks & juices and eat more of vegetables, sprouts, yeast, whole grain and vegetable juices rather than fruit juice.


Frequent meals and snacking is also the result of a deeper need for higher and better nutrition which should be addressed while preparing the meals.  All meals should be taken at least two hours before sleep.

Excessive sleeping and sleeping during daytime slows down the metabolism.  A natural rhythm of 7-9 hours of sleep and up with the sun and to bed after sundown is the best system to be followed.

The wisdom of ages cannot be discounted and a holistic approach to health and fitness is the best method to avoid future pain



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