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Born To Win
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Born To Win

The Ultimate Success Program


This program is created based on years of researching success formula of the rich and famous by numerous writers.  Are you ready to embark on the journey of your dreams. empower yourself with success and lead an enriching life of health happiness and harmony?

Then the time for action is now.  The ultimate empowerment is within you and you have only to discover it.  So unleash the power of all your dreams now!

Day - 1

  • understanding success and failure
  • developing positive thinking patterns
  • change your belief systems
  • the power of positive mental attitude
  • the goals program
  • a game plan for success
  • building a powerful belief system

day - 2

body mind intelligence dynamics -     an experiential lab

  • tapping into your inner potential
  • meditation connecting to subconscious reservoirs
  • creating new documents of progress
  • the winners formula
  • program details

venue:   outbound

No. of participants:   upto 20

format:   lecturette/experiential

duration:   2 days

participation fee:   Rs.3000 per person

( includes breakfast lunch, high tea & dinner. lodging at actual expenses)