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Total Mind Power
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Total Mind Power



This program will demonstrate the exceptional capability of the mind.  The participants will be able to understand through demonstrations that they possess the most amazing computer the world has ever known.

Course Objective

You will understand how your mind works and how you can stretch your horizons much further afield than you imagined.  You will have acquire the necessary tools to implement any changes required to set you on the road to your desired goals.

Course content

  • What is mind

  • Difference between conscious and sub conscious

  • The power of intention

  • Meditation and its uses

  • How to change or direct belief systems

  • The power of thought

  • Affirmations

  • The power of visualization

  • The power of silence and how to use it

Suitable For

All who wish to achieve more

Program details

Duration:   1 day

Location:   In house or outbound to be arrange by client

No. of Participants:   25 maximum

Participation Fee:   1200 per participant