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Profile Of R.G. Srinivasan


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R.G. Srinivasan is our founder.  He has an experience spanning two decades in sales & marketing and general management functions with national and multinational companies.  He is also a professionally trained trainer focused on motivational training and behavioral change.

His rich experience brings a depth of knowledge and vision to his training programs primarily aimed at bringing success to all individuals and organizations who comes into his contact. 

Passionate about bringing success to the masses, he edits India's first web based e-magazine Born To Win.  This is a fortnightly newsletter bringing articles on success and motivation, motivational quotes, motivational and inspiring stories and other free resources for personal development.  

With a fascination for leveraging internet & technology to create a community of people willing to share resources and help each other succeed by networking  he has created the successful  and popular Born To Win Yahoo group   The group also aims to bring training resources for the Training and HR community who are primarily concerned with people development.

His guiding principle in an increasingly interdependent world " Each one of us require all of us and all of us require each one" to find success and happiness.