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A workshop on

The wealth wave of the future



Infopreneuring is an entrepreneur who sells information, converted into products wanted by millions, packaged properly in a presentable system and branded with your own personality, delivered on demand, at home, ready for use.  But there is one ingredient here which is a different from the conventional business.  Infopreneurs leverage internet extensively to reach mass audiences who are looking for what you have.  They dont have to wait, or go to bookshops or search the market.  It is available at the click of a button.  No big investments for you.  No staff.  No offices or overheads.  A truly SOHO global business.  And available cost effectively to the purchaser.  And because of valuable information which you posses you could be raking in the money.   A win/win for all.    

And you dont have to be a genius.  This is for the ordinary person to make an extraordinary career leveraging the internet.


You will Learn


  • Difference between information product and knowledge or learning products
  • To create, collaborate, acquire or assemble an information product
  • Leveraging the product into multiple products and product extensions
  • How to market it globally
  • Networking and promoting techniques
  • Leveraging multiple Internet Tools cost effectively or free of cost
  • Resources to grow and expand




The program will be delivered using actual case studies, presentation and info product creation labs. 


2 days from 9.30 A.M to 5.30 P.M.


Maximum of 15 as it will be an intensive training ensuring effective transfer of the learning.

Course Fee:

Rs. 4200/= per participant which would include all training and course material,  lunch and tea in a leading hotel.  The course material includes ready to roll resources and you could be in business within days.


Learn how to: