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Coaching & Counseling Skills

Course Objectives

To increase the participants understanding of people, handle performance problems of participants by providing support in a non intrusive and positive way. 

What skills will the delegate gain?

This course will enable participants to:


  • Plan and set up coaching sessions for success
  • Understand difference between coaching and counseling
  • Provide coaching/counseling using a variety of techniques
  • Provide ongoing support in an environment of collaboration and partnership

Who will the course benefit?

All personnel who are interested in motivating and performance improvement in a high pressure work environment.  Ideally suited for team leaders in call centers BPO operations and where attrition rates are high.

Duration: 1 day

Course Content

What is coaching/counseling

The difference between coaching and counseling.  Identifying appropriate situations for using either


Understanding Skill Levels

Facilitating Professional growth


Conducting the coaching sessions

Feedback and follow up


Tools for coaching


Action Planning for performance

Practical sessions