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Interpersonal Skills

The New Manager

Course Objectives
the first time managers find the transition from being a contributor to manager difficult, surprising and frustrating – even stressful many times.  The learning would include adopting the right attitudes, mind sets and values consistent with the work of management.  It will also include gaining self knowledge and becoming aware of one’s personal style and impact, one’s strength and weakness, one’s motivations and values.   This program will show how you can  make your journey into a managerial role as successful as possible. 

Participants Will be able to:

  • Understand roles and expectations.
  • Set the agenda and network effectively.
  • Develop Team Building skills.
  • Build self awareness.
  • Promote diversity and group culture.

Who should  Attend?
All new managers, Team leaders, junior and  young managers looking to refresh managerial styles, Technical personnel promoted to managerial roles and small and medium business owners.
Program duration: 1 Day


Roles & expectations from New Manager

Network Building Internal & External

Team Building & management

Managing Stress

Power of Emotional Intelligence

Role Of Manager Vs. Leader