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Train The Trainer

Train The Trainer

Course Objectives
To enable participants to design, deliver and evaluate training events.

What skills will the participants gain?
The program will enable the participants to:

  • Develop appropriate Instruction & Coaching Plan.
  • Learn to structure training events effectively.
  • Understand  adult learning styles
  • Learn how to interact and communicate effectively with participants and build rapport.
  • Use appropriate tools for transfer of learning including experiential sessions
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of their training events.

Who will the course benefit?
Trainers, software instructors,  teachers and those who need to train staff to carry out their work effectively.


Basic Program - 2 days

Extended - 3 days


Course Content
Barriers to learning
Identify barriers to learning, types of communication.

Learning style
What is learning, different learning styles.

Developing training material
Setting objectives, methods of training, structuring training

Training Needs analysis
Process leading to establishing clear training needs leading to Training Goals & Objectives

Verbal, Vocal and Non verbal communication, effective presentation creating participant involvement, building rapport and control.

The evaluation models and process, types of evaluation.

Practical session
Participants will undergo practical sessions including video mirroring techniques to establish them as effective trainers.