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An Amazing Opportunity
To Train Yourself to be
an Information Entrepreneur!

workshop At Chennai

on 17th & 18th December, 2004


Many opportunities have been missed in your lifetime.  Don't miss this one.  You may not get another chance.  I am teaching you to set up your business on the internet harnessing free professional tools cutting your financial risk to zero.  No technical knowledge required.  Anyone can do it.  If I can do it, you too can!


Module 1: Creating An Internet Product

#1.  How to create an information product

#2.  How to acquire an information project

#3.  Planning, targeting and monetizing your product

#4.  Or just assemble the information

Module Two: Marketing on the internet

#1  Leverage internet technology and tools

#2  Creating your Website, optimizing your site for Search Engines, getting your site listed

#3  Creating promotional tools like ezines, newsletters, e-books, white papers, promotional article syndication through the net, viral marketing, putting together joint ventures

#4  Promoting your website

#5  Building your permission email list, setting up your automated mail system and auto responders, creating powerful messages

#6  Reaching a global audience

There is lot more!  Every minute of the workshop is going to be an enjoyable learning experience.

No one can miss the massive information wave sweeping the world.  You have only to open the paper and you are bound to read a news of people who became millionaires the rags to riches stories.  Every street corner has an internet café.  PCs are penetrating homes like never before and very soon tens of millions of homes would be connected 24/7 with the internet in India alone.  And we are talking of a global business here.  People are taking to the internet like never before, communicating, networking, shopping and socializing through the net.  Haven't you heard of even love and romance starting in a chatting room and culminating in marriages.

Just imagine feeding these hungry millions with information products which they are seeking online because that is where people are spending more and more time.  And if you are not there with your products, who is going to buy them?  It is the same market mechanics working for centuries.  Wherever there are crowds that is where you have to be if you want to sell.  And more the sellers more the crowds to buy stuff. 

No one wants to share the secrets of their success.  By a process of hard knocks, an incredible 1000 hours of research and investment in hard money I learnt their secrets.

I'll show you how you could be in business within 24 hours of attending my seminar!

This is what  information entrepreneurship  is all about in very simple terms.  

Information is the key.  To run your business, industry, to work and build your career, for recognition in society.  You

name the place, information is in demand.  People are willing to pay big.  Because it is the difference that makes the difference.  Survival depends on information.

Every one has information.  Expertise in some core area which is sought by many.  netpreneurship is all about matching the requirement.  Cost effectively.  It is happening already right now in front of your eyes.  Post offices are almost becoming redundant.  It doesn't cost you anything to send mails instantly.  And email services are not going bust.  In fact the valuations are going through the roof.  That is netpreneurship for you.   

I have been watching this phenomenon quietly from the sidelines now for years.  I couldn't get in because the early wave was the technology wave.  The hardware, then the software and difficult programs.  I couldn't make head or tail.  I was in fact frightened like the millions of others by the sweeping changes taking place.  I was like a fish out of water.  Then slowly it started happening.  The internet and information technology was becoming more and more and friendly.  You do not need to be technical anymore to harness the gigantic power of this technology. 

Starting with fear giving way to wonder and awe I started slowly using emails.  Now I use all the tools the information technology could give me, websites, auto responders, bulk mail software, web publishing software, pop up, joint ventures, article syndication, e-zines, forums and much more.  And believe me I never spent a penny in going to expensive computer courses.  I just learned using them while working as the need arose. Using them to make my work easier.  I used it working in my corporate job to track everything from inventories to sales, from monitoring customer enquiries to even tracking where my sales reps are calling at a particular hour of the day.  It made my productivity jump 100 fold.

It took me couple of years of research to realize beginning of the second wave.  The second wave where ordinary average people like you and me can harness technology to become information entrepreneurs.  Every net service from emails to search engines are services started not by money bag industrialists but ordinary people who created a product which people needed.

So Stake your own claim to the netpreneurship pie. Now!

You too can create products on the net.  You can create anything in which you are good at and use the net to find buyers.  If you are not good at anything that is ok too.  You can find people who are good at something.  Package their products and sell it.  All you need to know is how to leverage the internet.  You can sell e-books, ezines, fashion products, beauty products, health and fitness, alternative healing, lifestyle products.  You can have departmental stores with established brand names selling globally.  How does Amazon sound to you.  I can show you how to be become a franchise of leading brand names in minutes without a penny invested and your business up and running in 1 hours time, globally.  In the traditional business models you have to invest millions and spend phenomenal amount of time before you can open the doors for business.  netpreneuring makes it easy to put up huge global businesses in days at the price of a months living expenses.  And to top it all, you offer the customers too the advantage of speed and prices which are a pittance of the traditional business.    

Learn to turn your expertise/passion/hobby into a lifetime of earning

As I said earlier, it is crowded and getting more so by the day.  If you are there selling your products you will be selling like there is no tomorrow.  And technology make it simple for you not to run out of inventories.

For most  average person, who is risk averse, opportunities don't mean a thing because there is never enough to spare for investments in business.  But here is the opportunity, where you don't need to invest big and you could rake it in if you spend the same amount of time as you do in the traditional business.

You can do it by spending a couple of hours and grow it on your personal time before you can take the plunge.

I can quote 100s of examples.  Just see if these names ring a bell.  Mike Litman, Mark Victor Hanson, Robert G. Allen, Dr. Philip E. Humbert, Terry Dean.  These are just few examples of the netpreneurs who made good and became millionaires.  And there are thousands upon thousands who are raking it in as affiliates of E bay, Amazon, google and hundreds of big names.

You can too!

In this business

If you  want to say something, say it!  And get paid.

And you can make a fortune in this like thousands of others are making in many ways.

The facts are this.  People have risen from the ashes to superstardom and unimaginable

wealth.  Not because they were geniuses.  But because they were able to do few things no one thought about with internet.  While the dot com boom and bust was going on these netpreneurs quietly focused on what they knew, packaged it the way people wanted it, used the same internet to market the products and while companies were going bust with millions of dollars down the drain the netpreneurs running a SOHO with a run down PC,  were raking in the millions. 


The principle in this business.

Step One: Product

#1.  Create an information product

#2.  Acquire an information project

#3.  Create information product with someone who has the information

#4.  Or just assemble the information

Step Two: Marketing

#1  Leverage technology

#2  Learn everything that can make it available to people where they want.

#3  Use the promotion effectively and innovatively

#4  Build a relation with your customer

#5  Far exceed the customer expectation

Of course there are going to be failures. 

But you are up and running because it doesn't put a big hole in your pocket.  You just review what went wrong, create another product and using the same tools you have put in place, get on with your business. 

You see in netpreneuring we are talking about core expertise - understanding information and internet - and of course your market.  There are no inventories, interests and capital intensive equipments and machineries.

And to start with I will show how to assemble free of cost all the tools required to set up your business.  This will minimize your risk to a cost of a good dinner with family.  Can anything be more simpler?  I have done it.  Even this page which you are reading on the net is totally free.  It did not cost me a penny.  Only my time.

You are going to learn the basics of what took me an year to learn.  You are already ahead by a year of learning and researching.  At a fraction of the cost I had to shell out to learn it all.  In internet marketing a years lead means a lot of money.  You have the advantage of the early start.  A pioneer.  I don't have to tell you the pioneer makes the killing.  The crumbs are picked up by the 'me too' followers.  

I am planning to have only 15 participants in each one of my seminar.  It is going to be intensive with lot of activities, labs where you will be actually creating your product apart from learning all about the internet marketing tools and techniques.  By the time I am through I assure you, you would be leaving with the product idea and a blueprint to embark on the journey of your netpreneurship.  You could be in business within 24 hours.  

I am offering the first few programs at a bargain price of just Rs 3600/.  You will pay twice as much for the same program After January, 2005.  So pick up the phone and call me direct to make your registration.

The cost of the 2 day program is 3600/ per participant and includes lunch/tea and course material, CD's, E books with all the resources.  Drafts payable at chennai, drawn in favor of R.G. Srinivasan may be sent to:

R.G. Srinivasan
Born To Win Forum
G-2, A Block, Vasant apartments,
Volta's Colony Extension, Nanganallore,
Call 91 44 32859261

About The Faculty:

R.G. Srinivasan is founder of Born To Win Forum. He has an experience of over two decades in sales & marketing and general management functions in India.  He is professionally trained in training design and methodologies and focused on personal effectiveness and motivational training.  He is also the author of e-books, publishes 2 ezines on success and motivation and Home Business with an international circulation.  His articles are published in more than 50 portals and websites across the world.  He is featured as an Expert Author in  Read more of his profile at


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