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Why Am I Here As A Writer

Why Am I Here As A Writer?

Everyone has something valuable to say.  I too believe I have lot of valuable things to share. I am sure you too have something valuable to say and contribute to fellow humans.

These pages are just to show that anyone can be a writer.  Just say what you want to say.  In a natural style.  The way you speak.  You don't have to be highly literate.  You don't need to be intellectual.  You don't need to be master of language.

All you need to have is a valuable content.  Knowledge and expertise about a particular subject, profession or a new fresh perspective about anything.

I aspired to be a writer.  To let my creativity flow through my pen and keyboard.  But the traditional press did not bother about my writing.  Perhaps they were given to conventional styles to which my writing did not conform. 

So I decided to turn the paradigm.  I became the writer and publisher!

So here I am writing about subjects which would improve some area of your life.  Bring in some new perspective.

You may use the articles here for your own online or offline publication with my permission..  It is free if you are bringing out a 'free to readers' publication.  It is chargeable if you are into a commercial publication.  Contact me for details and permission at email 

You can also check out my commercial writing services at