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An Invitation to Embark On the Road to MLM Success

 Embark On the Road to MLM Success

Copyright of  R.G. Srinivasan

It's amazing how many people try an MLM program only to get frustrated and give up.

Most people are lured into MLM with the hope to get rich quick or they believe with little effort they will be able to earn a large enough income to quit their present job.  After they spend a little time and money on the start up kit or just signing in with the promise of money for nothing placing ads, only to end up with no income, most will try a new MLM program thinking, "This is the one... with this income plan and/or product, how can I fail?". 

Here is some good information for those who have never tasted sweet success.  Don't fall  into every new MLM program that pops up.  Because that's what will happen... you will fall time after time and never reach the top of any program.  Plus, your credibility with everyone you previously approached, goes down the drain.  Rather, carefully select a program that has mass appeal, a program whose cost and payout make sense, then stick to it until you have achieved some level of success.  You will then discover success breeds success.

If you keep moving from program to program you will NEVER experience the true power of MLM... having a huge down line leveraging your time and expense.  The key is to learn as much as you can from those who are successful.  Study the fundamentals of salesmanship, ad writing, strategies the pros use, and you will develop quickly into a top notch MLM pro.  A person that people will respect and one you can be proud of.

I'm going to give you the best information you'll ever get about MLM, so pay close attention to the following...

It’s not the big promises that will determine your success.  It is not those high income testimonials that will determine your success.  Or even a charismatic sponsor or up line that will determine your success.

Now here’s the winning combination to choose an MLM

  • A legitimate company with over 10 years in business
  • High Quality products that is acceptable to the masses
  • A business plan which is not just dependent on recruitment alone but a combination of recruitment and retails
  • Extensive training on business, products and self development/personal improvement and leadership
  • And a leader who believes in creating leaders bigger than even himself

Well.  Does all this make sense to you.

If yes then you can do two things right away.

And if you still believe that placing all those ads, then sitting back and doing nothing hoping for innocent gullible persons to fall into your trap and getting rich, may god help you.  Even that is doubtful.  Because god helps the genuine, honest and the deserving.

Finally I’ll leave you with this…

For things to change you need to change.  If you keep doing the same old things you will get the same old results.  Success is a matter of change.  Changing yourself for the better.  As you keep improving yourself, you will start climbing the ladder faster and faster.  MLM is for those who want to change their old paradigms.  Change those old patterns which never produce any results. 

So here’s one more free resource I offer you for your success.  Just click on and you will get an amazing bundle of resources which will accelerate you on to your success.


About the Author

R.G. Srinivasan is founder of Born To Win Forum. He has an experience of over two decades in sales & marketing and general management functions in India.  He is a certified trainer and consultant in training design & methodologies,  focused on personal effectiveness and motivational training.  He is also the author of ebooks, publishes 2 ezines on success and motivation and Home Business with an international circulation.  His articles are published in more than 50 portals and websites across the world.  He is featured as an Expert Author in .  Check out his home business ezine at