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A Simple Method To Boost Productivity

A Simple Method To Boost Productivity

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One of the major key to effective time management is the science of delegation.  We constantly think that most of the task performed by us are important including sending a file across to your boss.  You see if you asked somebody else is delegated for the task, may take his own time to reach the boss and you will be at the receiving end for the delay.  Being paranoid about outcomes.

Delegation is actually very simple.

Let us see an illustrative list.  Substitute your own tasks for analysis.

Let us say your cost to company is $6 000/ per month.

You work for five days a week.

That is about 22 days in a month.

For calculation let us take 7 hours per day leaving out the breaks.

So it comes to 154 hours per month.  Your per hour cost rounded off is Rs. 200 per hour.

Just monitor all the work you do and make a list of each task you performed.

Put a cost against each if someone else is to do the work.  Of course some of the things only you can do.


The list may look something  like this. 

                                                                     Time taken        My cost        Others cost 

Meeting with the CEO                                 30 minutes                   

Planning the new product launch                    90 minutes

Attending casual calls and emails                    60 minutes

Preparing a brief/agenda

for the sales meeting                                       30 minutes

Informed of a distraught customer

Taking your junior staff to task

– Your intervention                                         30 minutes


Some billing or accounting confusion               30 minutes

Writing sales letters                                         30 minutes 

Major Account/client meeting

Including travel time                                        120 minutes

Pending jobs

That is the end of your day.  Now put a cost against each if the task done by you and  by another junior colleague.  It would be very easy to see that planning and profit oriented tasks have to be handled by you where as writing letters, sorting out issues like billing or preparing agendas could have been delegated.

The big secret is that work which generates a profit of over Rs. 200 an hour only needs to be tackled by you.  Anything else which you do is creating a loss, time pressures and stress caused by failing to meet with your financial and work related goals and targets.

So delegate to create

  • More profits.
  • More time
  • More planning
  • More productivity
  • More time with your family
  • More leisure pursuits
  • More raise.      

Sounds too simple.  Well everything broken down into small bits become very simple and easy.  Including major tasks where you procrastinate looking at the long haul ahead.  So make them simple by making them into activities that could be handled immediately.  Try it.  It works!        



About the Author

R.G. Srinivasan is founder of Born To Win Forum. He has an experience of over two decades in sales & marketing and general management functions in India.  He is a certified trainer and consultant in training design & methodologies,  focused on personal effectiveness and motivational training.  He is also the author of ebooks, publishes 2 ezines on success and motivation and Home Business with an international circulation.  His articles are published in more than 50 portals and websites across the world.  He is featured as an Expert Author in .  Check out his home business ezine at