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Consultant Profiles
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Born To Win Forum

Our consultants are drawn from practicing industry professionals in areas such as HR.Finance& Marketing.  We can provide individual profiles based on the requirement of the project involved.

'R.G. Srinivasan'
With experience spanning over two decades in Marketing , Sales, HR and Training he is passionate about change management.  "For our society to evolve equitably bringing better life and opportunities for all we need to dismantle the current models of development and move to a more simple and holistic model" is the firm belief of Srinivasan.

R.Gopal Srinivasan


  • Experience: Over two decades in General Management,  Marketing,  sales,Training  and consulting
  • philosophy: We are all Born to Win
  • Primary focus: Improving productivity through improvement in learning and skills of people. 
  •  Hobbies: Walking, Driving on the hills, spiritual lectures.

Srinivasan is founder of our organisation.

Born To Win Forum*  * Chennai * (91) 044-32859261