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                  Action-The first step to success

                                        - Srinivasan

Action coupled with passion is the heady concoction which will take you on the road to success.  Whatever your goals in life, they need to be set with passion.  And when you are passionate about your goals it needs to be converted to action.

Everyday small actions performed to achieve your goals will take you nearer to  success.  The whole world loves action.  In fact all our free time is spent in watching others in action.  Whether it is a cricket, a football match or real life situations with our heroes we get involved  and get charged emotionally on the success or sulk in the failure of our favourites. 

Are we then living our lives through others-real life or reel life heroes ?  Isn't it better that we ourselves get into action for our self.  I can assure you the world would love you, cheer you and push you on to the heights of performance.  Of course you would also have to face the brickbats and mud thrown at you - sometimes.  That's because being a man of action they expected more from you.  Your failure is their own failure.  Because they are living their fantasies through you.

Decide now !  Whether you want be a couch potatoe and watch television mindlessly or be there on television youself.  It is a challenge.  So get up and start those actions today ! Now !


e-zine 'Success-The Small Steps' 11th Oct. 2002

e-zine Towards A New Model of Development - 1 22nd October,2002

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