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Science of Thought Vibration

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Hello Friends,


It is really motivating to receive more requests for the Newsletter and to keep up with the growing expectation of my readers I am making changes to the existing format by adding more informative headings and including a readers contribution.  I welcome everyone to contribute.  Your contribution should be to the point, concise and informative preferably oriented to the subject of success, motivation, inspiration or anything that is out and out positive.  So let your pen fly and express all that you have been waiting to say.  Let your piece inspire someone, bring that much more positivity into someones life.

This issue is also special as I am giving a preview of my forthcoming e-book Power Your Life through Affirmation.  The Science of Thought Vibration is an excerpt from this book which I am sure will revolutionize the life of all readers.  The Book is planned to be released as a CD by the first week of January.  Please check out by clicking the link for more success resources.   

R.G. Srinivasan

Born To Win Forum


The Science of Thought Vibration


"Therefore I say to you, all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them, and they will be granted you"


The principle of Affirmations is the science of thought vibrations. 

They work by the following principles:

  • Your present reality is the direct outcome of your thinking
  • Change your thinking and your reality begins to change
  • Affirmations change your thinking

It is very important to understand here the principle of energy.  The entire universe is made up of energy which manifests as form at one level.  At another level they are more subtle but discernible as color, air and sound.  At a still higher level the energy is in the form of space and thought. We believe in the existence of energy when they are manifest.  Where as in thought the same energy is unmanifest and formless.  The difference is in the vibratory rate i.e. the frequency at which they exist.

The denser the material lower the vibratory rate.  On the other hand colors, light, sound and thoughts waves exist at successively higher rates of vibration and frequency.  Thought is one of the highest forms of vibration with extraordinary potency.

Creation starts in the mind.  A thought or idea always precedes form.  For example a building is first conceived in the mind of the architect and then given shape.  By consciously directing thought we become the architect of the desires into form.

Whatever you see in your mind - good or bad - if you believe it will come to pass.  Generally we tend to believe the negative more than the positive.  Worry, sickness, poverty are much more easily attained as we put concentrated form of emotional energy behind them.  Think and expect good and you get that.  Think and expect bad and you will get that too.  It is a double edged sword.

Positive Affirmation is the powerful tool to bring about the manifestation of thought into concrete reality.  You need not worry about how the process this manifestation will work for you.  Believe that it will work as it has for the entire universe for millions of years the cosmic intelligence will bring about the transformation of thought into form.


Free Resources and Announcements


Free resource - 1

I had promised to bring free e-books regularly to all readers and members of Born To Win Group.  I am happy to bring you one of the oldest classics on success and wealth; The Science Of Getting Rich is a much acclaimed book on this subject.  Please visit out website by clicking on the link,  at the home page  scrawl down to Banner Millions of Books and click on it to go to the site and download the book.  


The new year is around the corner and this is the time to take stock and plan our life afresh with new perspective.  We all know the importance of Goal Setting to attain higher success.  But 97 % of the people have never been able to bring themselves to write down their goals.  This is mainly due to lack of an easy Goals Builder which can direct you in easy steps to design your Vision and Goals.  I am happy to announce The Goals Builder Program which will guide you by asking the right questions, throwing up important insights and making it very simple to create your Goals for the coming year and future years.  It is available as a CD , easy to download and print out and use.  The CD has been priced at a reasobale Rs. 75/- + handling and courier charges of Rs. 50/- for deliveries within India.  It is also an ideal gift for the New Year.  To order your Goals Builder please send draft/pay order in favour of

R.G. Srinivasan

Born To Win Forum

G-2, A Block, Vasanth Apartments,

Voltas Colony Extension,



For more details e-mail


Powerful Quotes For Positive Thinking

My success just evolved from working hard at the business at hand each day. Johmy Carson

The great secret of success is that there are no secrets of success; there are only timeless principles that have proven effective throughout the centuries. Brian Tracy

People often say motivation doesnt last.  Well, neither does bathing; thats why we recommend it daily.  Zig Ziglar

The world turns aside to let any man pass who knows where he is going. Epictatus

The crisis of yesterday is the joke of tomorrow. H.G. Wells

A great many people think they are thinking when they are rearranging their prejudices. William James

Guard well your spare moments.  They are like uncut diamonds. Ralph Waldo Emerson

We get paid for bringing value to the market place. Jim Rohn

Unhappiness is best defined as the difference between our talents and our expectations. Anonymous

 Just Relax

4 years of age            My mummy can do anything

8 years of age            My mom knows a lot ! A whole Lot !

12 years of age          My mother doesnt know quite everything.

14 years of age          Naturally, mother doesnt know that, either.

16 years of age          Mother?  She is hopelessly old fashioned.

18 years of age          That old women.  She is way out of date!

25 years of age          Well, she might know a little bit about it.

35 years of age           Before we decide, lets get Moms opinion

45 years of age           Wonder what Mom would have thought about it?

65 years of age           Wish I could talk it over with Mom