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Success & Motivation


Born to Win is a fortnightly web based e-zine with inspiring articles on success, powerful quotes to motivate, real life success stories, humorous anecdotes and write-ups and views of ordinary people who aspire to become extraordinary.  The e-zine brings you free resources, free ebooks and links to put you on the path to achieving all that you have ever dreamed about.

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Readers Write

"I've joined this group recently, as I feel that "born to win" is the right (possibly, only) attitude which can help one succeed in his/her life. I've just started reading the material and appreciate the positve feeling it "radiates". Thanks, keep it up."



 "I have joined this group only today.. and have read some of the messages. Its really good. I shall be posting such encouraging and good articles. Keep it up.. this is a good work and a good place to exchange stories of success and facts of life."

-Mahesh Thakker

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