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e-zine Towards A New Model of Development - 1 22nd October,2002
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Towards A new Model Of Development - 1

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The failure of the materialistic models of development is the raging topic from the United Nations to the portals of academia. In a series of articles we would try to build a perspective on one of the burning issues of modern times. The subject is important and close to our hearts as the success of every individual constitutes the success of the society, the nation and the world.

While putting forth our own ideas we would like an active participation from our readers so as to create a debate which would certainly enable a vision for all of us to work towards achieving.

Towards A New Model of Development Part - 1
As the new millenium unfolds, it is no longer possible to believe that the current approaches to social and economic development based on materialistic conceptions of life is viable and capable of meeting humanity's needs. Consider these compelling proof of the way the world is headed:

*More than one billion people around the world live in obsolute poverty. *30% of the global workforce is either jobless or underemployed. *Social disintegration through factors such as racism,ethnic and relegious intolerance. Rising violence because of these factors has become a global problem. *The tragedy of 9/11 has brought to the fore that these problems can no longer be confined to national borders and require global solutions.

Everywhere we look, whether it be the family unit, national scenario or global perspectives it is evident that we are slowly but enexhorably heading for an unsustainable model of development that can no longer assure humanity of equity, peace and prosperity.The materialistic models of development has only generated the 'haves' and 'have nots', the 'developed' and the 'developing' societies with ever widening divide between high living standards of a small and diminishing minority of the world's inhabitants from the poverty experienced by the vast mojority. No wonder this massive divide has led to the economic collapse everywhere from Japan to Mexico.

All these by no means suggest we are headed for doomsday. They are a feedback to the world at large of failure of the current models of development. These signs are an indicator of the need for a unified world economic and social order where the materialistic mores are replaced with a simpler model of smaller self sustainable communities of diverse people living an equitable physical and spiritually balanced harmonious lives.IN THE NEXT NEWSLETTER WE SHALL DISCUSS THE MODALITIES OF EMERGENCE OF SUCH A MODEL.

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The success of any society is the result of an evolution which honours the basic laws of nature. The basic law of nature engenders a principle of giving. Giving to all humanity equally without distinction of race or relegion. The sunshine, the air, the water-anything and everything in nature is given equally and in abundance to all.

In our individual capacity, when we respect and adopt the natural law fo giving we are contributing to the success of our society and self. Surprisingly giving something away-everyday does not cost us much. Here is an illustrative list of what we can give away without much financial burden: * We could give half hour to nature by taking a morning walk, hearing the birds sing or watch that beautiful sun rise or sun set. * We could give one hour of our time to bring knowledge and education to the deserving and needy. Each one of us has specialised knowledge which we could share with others. * We could give something which we have stopped using or have not used at all. Look through your cupboards and closets. There are hundreds of items like unused shirts and sarees, those gifts we recieved but never could use, crockery sets gathering dust-the list would be endless. Just draw up the list and start giving it away to someone who could use it. * Could you give a few words of affection, a smile, a thank you, a silent prayer or blessings for someone's wellbeing. * Could you give a forgiveness to someone and take it off your mind forever.

Just come to think of it in every giving we are also recieving. Look through each illustration above and note what you recieve with each act of giving. Because in giving we keep the movement of the exchange process of nature. In giving you are rich not in hoarding. By giving you are bringing to an end stagnation and open up the free flow of abundance. SO START GIVING SOMETHING AWAY-EVERYDAY.


All subscribers and readers can contribute interesting titbits, articles or success stories which you come across everyday in your lives. We will be happy to publish them in our newsletter. Please be brief and include photographs if available.