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Vel Self Improvement Centre


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Seminars And Workshops
On Personality Development

Topics Covered 


Communication Skills, Self Confidence,Self Evaluation, Self Esteem,Self Motivation, Positive Mental Attitude, Body Language, How to attend Interviews, Steps to Success.


Course Director 


Mrs Shyamala Dharmar


About the Director


Mrs Shyamala Dharmar has graduated in English Literature from Bombay and Madras Universities.  Started her career as teacher in Bombay and Madras.  In the nineties became a director in her husband's business concern.  Her experience in the HR Department and knowledge gained have enabled her to  design the material for the seminars.  At present she is conducting the workshop on Personality Development in schools and colleges.     

have enabled her to design the material for the seminars.


Contact Address


Vel Self Improvement Centre

New No. 222, I Floor,

Ramakrishna Mutt Road,

Mandaveli, Chennai-28

Phone:  4952857


Enrollment  Details


Duration:  6 Hours per day

Fees:  Rs. 500/- per head

Concessions: For Students


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